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Farooque Academy For Competitive Examinations – FACE

FACE – Farooqu Academy Competitive Examinations facilitate and provide extensive training to the deserving candidates in preparing various competitive examinations such as Civil Services, RRB, CDSE, SSC, UGC NET, CTET etc… FACE is an institution run under the Al Farooqu Islamic Charitable Trust. It is commenced, under the guidance of educational visionaries in Kerala.

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Facilities (Physical and Infra)

Fully Air Conditioned Smart Classrooms

The fully air conditioned classrooms provide a conducive and comfortable environment for studying. All the classrooms are well equipped with audio, visual and digital facilities. The classrooms are designed with interactive smart boards and projectors. Laptops and computers are being provided abundantly which modifies academic interest.

Premium residential rooms

FACE Residential campus is providing premium hostel facilities. Safe and students friendly hostel facilities ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere. Separate study areas are being provided to make the students less distracted. Student friendly educators will always be there for anytime help. Timely routine inclusive of good time management activities other than studying and playing will always make the students and campus live and active. In hostel Islamic ambiance and practices are being followed along with students learning.

Free Wifi Campus

The entire campus is free Wi-Fi enabled with a high-speed internet connection which allows the students to access the internet wherever they are. The coverage of Wi-Fi is not only restricted to classrooms but also extends to the library and leisure hub.


Television is installed on campus for students to watch live events, news, sports, and discovery etc…

Central Library

The Face Central Library is designed for different categories such as Civil Service, Competitive Examination, Literature and Periodicals. It has an A / C library with personal sitting space for each student.

Sports & Games

There is a great deal of facilities and training for all types of sports such as football, volleyball, and badminton to enhance student athletic performance. In addition, the Games Club also works on campus for onis online games, Chess, Sudoku, and Jango for mental performance

Programs ( Activities and Programs)

Whiz & Bliss Talks

Whiz talk and Bliss talk series are also taking place on campus to motivate students. Prominent personalities like Nagaland District Collector Mohammad Ali Shihab IAS and Jharkhand District Collector Aboobacker Siddique IAS interact with the students in various episodes.

Bliss Talk

Bliss talk episodes provide spiritual awakening and enhance the innate abilities
of the students. Religious scholars and life skill coaches are meeting the students at regular intervals to facilitate the same.


Campus Expeditia offers an opportunity to visit the central universities of Delhi and other historical places of national importance. It also includes Industrial Visits, Camps, and Spiritual Trips.

Adventure Trips

It provides students with an opportunity to explore many new things from fresh perspectives. Familiarising different environments can keep them encouraged to resolve various curiosities.

Martial Arts & Games

Martial arts as a certificate course with the recognition of the Olympic association is provided to all students. Inter and Intra school football championships are conducted to enhance the skills of the students. Daily workouts, jogging, and other sporting events are also facilitated.

Spiritual Gathering

It helps develop empathy and a wider perspective lead into service. It brings growth in mind, body, and soul which will eventually develop characters.


Face IAS is a virtual campus to accommodate students from both high school and higher secondary school. Hundred plus students from across the globe are a part of the very initiative.


INSAF (Integrated Students’ Association of Face) is a student organization in campus. There are numerous academic and extracurricular activities under INSAF

Inside Academy Campus

Inspiration, innovation, and countless opportunities.

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