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About FACE

FACE – Farooqu Academy for Competitive Examinations is to facilitate and provide extensive training for deserving candidates in preparing various competitive examinations such as Civil Services, RRB, CDSE, SSC, UGC NET, CTET etc… FACE is an institution runs under the Al Farooqu Islamic Charitable Trust. It is commenced, under the guidance of educational visionaries in Kerala.
Al farooqu is a fast emerging islamic institution. It shows revolutionary steps towards academic performance over a decade. The goal of this institution is to make ascent the students to the mainstream of the society, by providing religious and the mundane education simultaneously. This holy venture is for the creation of a new generation which imbibes the splendid Islamic Culture.
Our society is backward in higher level studies such as civil service. Profound knowledge and severe training is needed for accomplishing it. Our curriculum has been formed by educational visionaries and intensive training is being given to aspiring students.


To impart a quality and value based education on far with global standards and to equip generations to cope up with real life experiences through a comprehensive education.


To be a convergence of merit in socio and cultural educational aspect with out compromising moral value